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Social engineering is one of the key ways attackers can gain access to information about your organization. People are the weakest link in the daily management of network security, your network security can be circumvented by one employee mistake, putting the entire orgnaization at risk. 

One of the best ways to measure and improve upon your employees’ level of social engineering security awareness is by putting it to the test. CyberSecOp provide on-site and remote social engineering testing,  With our social engineering engagements, we simulate how real hackers would deceive your employees to access sensitive company information. If you don't have a security awareness program in place, this is a great way to also see where your employees stand and begin training based on the results. If you already train your employees in security awareness, our various social engineering engagements can help you test your program and make it even better.

A CyberSecOp social engineering prevention engagement tests a broad spectrum of controls to identify security risks related to the following areas:

Social Engineering & Information Security with CyberSecOp

Our clients has high confidence in their cyber security status. out suite of Information Security Services is designed to identify weak spots by actually trying to break into your system. If our "hackers" succeed, we’ll produce a full report of our findings and recommendations to mitigate the vulnerabilities in your technical environment.

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