Security Program Development

With CyberSecOp security program you have a 99% Catch Rate. 98% Savings Security Breach Prevenion, with additional saving on Re-imaging, and your organization Reputation. To merely respond is costly. You lose data, You valuable time, Your lose business, and in most cases your organization loses clients. Having the right team to develop your security program is essential, you can count on our security consulting team to implement a full security program including implement a security framework, risk management, security operation, incident response and governance service. Having our cyber security program provide an 251% ROI Achieved by Preventing Cyber Attacks Pre-Execution.

“Measuring ROI in the cybersecurity arena is difficult because the main goal is to avoid a breach”

“Measuring ROI in the cybersecurity arena is difficult because the main goal is to avoid a breach”

Having a security program will help you ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your client and customer information, as well as your organization's essential data. Our Cyber Security Operations Consulting Firm, Cybersecurity Program Maturity and Strategy Advisement is focused on helping business with a customized methodology refined over thousands of global engagements to help analyze an organization’s current security maturity levels and roadmap according to their unique environment and industry. This comprehensive methodology includes detailed phases to help organizations on their cybersecurity strategy development journey such as:

Security Program Approach

  • Gathering information to understand the perception of security maturity levels, how security engages with the business, the organization’s strategy overall and the business direction

  • Analyzing the current state of cybersecurity maturity

  • Defining a security capability maturity target, with both business and security staff, to define exactly where they need to set their security benchmark

  • Developing a road map against the target

Elevate your organization security program posture

Security Program Governance

Build Your Strategy First for your Program: Your security program strategy represents the overall direction for security in your organization. As a result, it needs to be built before any of the other components of your security program.

  • Security Program Development Tool

  • Security Program Development Considerations

  • Security Program Metrics

  • Regulatory Review

Security Program Frameworks

  • Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) for publicly traded companies and those planning to go public

  • PCI DSS for financial entities and services that process credit card data

  • HIPAA/HITECH for hospitals, insurance providers, and other organizations collecting personal health information (PHI)

  • ISO for companies aiming to improve their security and quality management controls

  • Privacy Shield, which replaces the US-EU Safe Harbor, for organizations that collect and process data between the U.S. and European Union

  • NIST for government agencies, large enterprises, and any organization looking to minimize their cybersecurity risk

An effective cyber security program includes a myriad of policies and procedures, encompassing risk management, incident management, third-party management, regulatory and audit compliance, as well as disaster recovery and business continuity planning.