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About Cyber Security Operations Consulting:  CyberSecOp cyber security consulting services was founded by two information security professionals, and a Managed Services IT firm, they recognized the need for cyber security consulting services for small and medium-sized companies, they understand small and medium businesses need to be secured with an information cyber security program. we provide Managed Security Services, CyberSecurity Consulting, Security Consulting VISO Services, and Security Staffing. 

"To redefine Customer Business Equity with best-of-breed Transformation, Technology and Talent"

"Empower our customers to focus on Core Business Competence through innovative and competitive IT and Business Process Outsourcing"

 Vincent LaRocca is CEO of Cyber Security Operations Consulting Firm (CyberSecOP), Chairman of BNI Organization Group, and a former IT executive at IBM. CyberSecOp is a leading provider of continuous security solutions and services for the world’s most security-conscious agencies and organizations. In these roles, he orchestrates the company’s support of corporations and government agencies worldwide in cyber security, secure mobility and identity management. Vinny has been with the company since 2001, operating under the company name INSC,  Vinny is a leading voice on bringing together the private and public sectors to address cyber security issues. He is a frequent speaker on cyber security at industry and government events.

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Our security team provides Information Security governance, auditing, risk management, protection from cyber threats. Our firm attracts and retains some of the brightest, most experienced and most highly regarded professionals working today




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We are here to protect your business and intellectual properties - To stop or mitigate cyber attracts against your organiztion.

We are here to protect your business and intellectual properties - To stop or mitigate cyber attracts against your organiztion.

Cyber Security Operations Consulting integrity is the baseline upon which our core values are built.  Integrity is a fundamental, non-negotiable requirement of employment, and an expectation of suppliers, partners, and customers, both internal and external. An essential aspect of our brand promise is that we always engage with integrity.

Trusted relationships thrive in an environment that demands mutual respect, and we cultivate these relationships among all with whom we do business.  We treat each other courteously, act in good faith, and expect others to do the same.

Cyber Security Operations Consulting collaborative hard work is a way of life for us. We strive to work as efficiently as possible, investing our resources to optimize results.  As individuals working together, we recognize that our actions have a significant impact on everyone around us.  We value individual contributions; however, once a direction is set, we execute with single-minded focus.

Superior Solutions begin and end with the customer.  We understand not only the project requirements but go beyond the business need to envision our customer’s mission, innovation and creativity result and success follows.   With rich expertise and strong leadership, we exceed our customer’s expectations and consistently deliver cost-effective results.

Fun and fulfillment are individual experiences, so we strive to understand what enriches each other’s lives and offer opportunities to thrive within a comfortable work environment.  Our work is demanding and humor and fun provide relief from the intensity inherent in our business.

We understand security from the ground up at Cyber Security Operations Consulting (

Our approach helps firms achieve these mandates in an efficient manner, minimising their risks of a cybersecurity breach.

CyberSecOp helps firms make informed decisions on how to allocate resources to manage information security risks and compliance. Doing this against client business requirements and objectives ensures a customized and workable solution.