Security Intelligence and Operations Consulting

Cyber Threat Intelligence Services

Cyber threat intelligence is what cyber threat information becomes once it has been collected, evaluated in the context of its source and reliability, and analyzed through rigorous and structured trade craft techniques by our threat management team and partners with substantive expertise and access to all-source information. Our Cyber Threat Intelligence service, can immediately go to work to identify the source of the malware, and then removed it from all infected devices. Cyber Threat Intelligence service has improved information security defenses, safeguarding for business through continuous monitoring and proactive responses.

CyberSecOp Cyber Threat Intelligence team will provide you with regular communications about top trending and emerging behavior patterns, including Tools, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) on malicious IP addresses, vulnerabilities (CVEs), hackers, monitoring, and alerting.


Cyber Threat Intelligence Services

Security Intelligence and Operations Consulting, we partner with your company and provide the following services: Security Risk Management, Security Policy Development, Security Threat Assessments, and Security Awareness Training, we are a leading security consulting firm.

  • Our experts piece together a comprehensive picture of your current attack status, identifying weak-spots ripe for exploitation and revealing evidence of past, present and planned attacks.

  • Enhance your existing security controls and improve forensic capabilities with our up-to-the-minute and immediately actionable cyberthreat data.

Threat Management and Defense

CyberSeop Threat Management and Defense delivers a unique combination of leading technologies and services which support the implementation of an Adaptive Security Strategy, aiding your organization in the prevention of majority attacks, while detect unique new threats rapidly, respond to live incidents and predict future threats.

  • PREVENT the threats

  • DETECT the breaches before the damage

  • RESPOND to incidents

  • PREDICT future cyber threats

 Cyber security operations services include SIEM, DLP, Firewall, IDS/IPS, incident management, and incident response. When operating and maintaining a network or system, experience is paramount. Our experience in managing highly secure environments of major enterprises has proven that, by closely integrating security and operations, the security of the network dramatically increases