Do you enjoy challenges? You have a thirst for knowledge and a desire to be one of the best? At CyberSecOP, we draw on each other’s capacities and experiences, to inspire and motivate one another.

Who We Are

Like many New York startups, CyberSecOp was founded by professional with many years experience helping other organization, CyberSecOp was started by a small group of innovators, born of big ideas and plenty of ambition. Over the decades that followed, CyberSecOP has innovated and acquired its way to become the world leader in cybersecurity.

Looking to create an impact around you.

CyberSecOp’s impact can be as large or as small as our people make it. No more, no less. So we seek professionals who see differently, who find opportunity where others don’t, who look within themselves and know that with the right support and team they can impact the world.

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