Our partners are so important and we accomplish a lot together, Join us.

We have two resellers programs, Referral and Re-sellers


A Referral Partner is a Partner who simply “connects us with an interested buyer.” It usually is nothing more than sending an introduction email between us and the interested buyer, and transferring trust in the process. Once the future of the sale is in our hands, the Referral Partner has nothing left to do. If we sign up the interested buyer and they become a CyberSecOP cyber security client, we pay a referral fee to the Referral Partner.


A Resale Partner is a Partner who wants to sell and white label CyberSecOp services for your clients.  CyberSecOp provides you with a customizable, fully functional, cloud based Learning Management System (aka “Private Portal) that you can brand (your corporate colors, visual assets, logos, etc).  You load your clients into the Private Portal, and manage their rollout and launch schedule. 

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