Security Master Plan

A Security Master Plan is a document that delineates the organization’s security philosophies, strategies, goals, programs, and processes. It is used to guide the organization’s development and direction in these areas in a manner that is consistent with the company’s overall business plan. It also provides a detailed outline of the risks and the mitigation plans for them in a way that creates a five-year business plan.


Security responsibilities today have evolved from traditional camera placement and access control to a need for a program model that includes security development, design and implementation criteria. As security departments grow and responsibilities increase, it’s critical to stay on target for effective management of security issues.

We help you develop an organizational security master plan methodology that integrates your policies, procedures, systems and staff. We go beyond planning to guide your team with technical services extending from conceptual design through final execution. Our goal is to help you build an effective program that aligns with your corporate objectives using your available resources.

Cyber Security Operations Consulting  have extensive experience providing Security Master Planning design deliverable’s for architects and developers, as an integral part of the initial project design team, to determine security risk and associated mitigation needs to protect the assets, reputation and corporate responsibility of the business owners interests.