Information Security Advisory Services

Information Security Advisory Services Application Security, Architecture and Implementation, Attack and Penetration Testing. Our team utilize digital intelligence, security operations, and Security Monitoring. Threat Intelligence Infrastructure and endpoint security. Offensive Security Services and Incident response. We provide advisory services around Identity and access management. Data and application security strategy, risk and compliance.

Assess and protect with services that include security engineering and management, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, and security compliance. Support your deployment and enforcement of the NIST Risk Management Framework and NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

Cyber Security Advisory

Organizations must exercise sound risk management strategies, validate the effectiveness of controls, and ensure compliance with regulatory and legal requirements. These guidelines can help ensure proper cyber risk management oversight. CyberSecOp offers a full range of cybersecurity consulting services to help you protect your systems, detect threats and respond to cyber security incidents. As strategic and technical advisers, Cyber Security Advisory Services help leading organizations and executive teams identify strategic opportunities in information security to improve performance

CISO Advisory Services

CyberSecOp recognizes the critical role IT and cybersecurity play in every aspect of our clients’ business operations. Our services assist our clients with trusted information delivery from information flow, to access and storage, to security of operational and business systems from cyber threats.


CyberSecOp Advisory Services covers all fascet

Enterprise Security Strategy, SaaS Security Platform, Internet of Things Security, Behavioral Biometrics, Cybersecurity Solutions & Services, Identity & Access Management, Global Risk Management Services, Cybersecurity Consulting & Advisory, Biometric Security, Cloud Security & Compliance, Cybersecurity Services, Digital Forensics & Cyber Intelligence, Real-Time Threat Visibility, Social Media Security, Security Ratings & Assessments, Security Orchestration & Incident Response, Social Biometrics, Data Discovery & Protection, Cyber Intelligence & Risk Management, Incident Analysis & Response, and File Collaboration & Data Protection.