Microsoft Windows Security Consulting Services 

CyberSecOp Windows Advance Threat Protection 

Our Managed Windows Cyber Security Services and Solutions provides integrated monitoring with the rest of your security landscape, we provide an unparalleled coverage of cloud traffic, including on-and-off network, programmatic and user-driven, by managed and unmanaged users and devices, and retroactively and in real-time.

We leverage multiple technologies to deliver support for multiple operating system: RedHat, CentOS, Solaris, Microsoft Windows Client & Server environments to provide you with a proactive approach for all your security needs. Our expert is specialized and renders an instant and fabulous support of all windows. Expert security professionals are expensive talented in security Windows Systems.


Small and Medium sized business have become major targets for the latest cyberattacks, crippling businesses and causing financial and emotional strain. It’s time to educate yourself and you employees on what you can do to help mitigate your threat risk, and how to implement a strategy to defend against the ever-growing list of cyber crimes.

WIndows Technologies

Windows Defender, Windows Information Protection, Advanced Threat Analytics, Active Directory, Azure Security Center, Windows PowerShell, Desired State Configuration, Windows Administration, Kerberos and Privilege Management. CyberSecOp Windows Security Services based on a comprehensive approach to security, identity, and cybersecurity. Our Microsoft Windows services can create solutions that integrate, and enhance the latest security and identity capabilities in your organization, protect your business and drive innovation.

windows antivirus defender.

CyberSecOp builds and integrates security measures seamlessly with out technology partner, making up and unparalleled defense against cyber criminals, that cannot be matched by other technology providers. Our highly skilled, Windows & Linux certified engineers are proficient with all major Windows and Linux security technologies and holds some of the most regarded Linux and Microsoft Windows certification. We provide Windows Administration, Windows Security, Linux Defense, and Ransomware removal.