Data Loss Prevention Consulting Services   

The value of a well-planned and effectively implemented DLP program can be seen in measurable risk reduction across the enterprise. A mature Data Loss Prevention Program is scalable and operationally efficient as well as dynamic enough to handle business process changes or corporate acquisitions. Mature DLP Programs provide you with improved employee security awareness and education.

  • DLP Technical Architects provide strategic planning and deployment of large scale implementations, upgrade, and customization services
  • DLP Program Architects bridge the gap between successful technical implementations and end-to-end business process integration
  • Asset and Data Management knowing what you have, and where they are

 CyberSecOp's DLP consulting services are the ideal solution for clients with compliance or regulatory requirements, including financial institutions, retailers, hospitals, municipalities, manufacturers, transportation, public safety, utilities, oil and gas companies and communication service providers. CyberSecOp's DLP services include the following activities:

Requirements analysis and data flow review: An analysis of the enterprise's technical environment is conducted, focusing on data as it is created, stored, manipulated and archived, as well as how it flows through and out of the organization. A technical design and project plan based on confirmed business drivers, engagement logistics, project activities and resources is developed.

Onsite software installation and preliminary scan: CyberSecOp installs DLP hardware and software and executes a preliminary scan against the specified in-scope systems and verifies that the targeted systems meet the technical requirements for successful scanning.

Interpretation and analysis: After the scan is executed and findings are prioritized, results are analyzed and interpreted to determine the sensitivity of various data as well as how it made its way to each location.

Findings documentation: CyberSecOp creates thorough documentation for every client. This includes an executive summary, scan results with interpretation and analysis, security recommendations and a remediation road map.