Security Residency Consulting & Program Implementation

Security Residency Services
CyberSecOp Consulting Services offers Residency Service that augment a client’s existing staff with continuous onsite technology and business expertise, allowing clients to realize the full value of technology investments and to optimize resources that support core business strategies.

Delivering IT expertise
The management of enterprise IT environments requires specialized knowledge and skill sets. When the required
expertise does not exist internally, companies often undertake the cumbersome and costly process of identifying,
maintaining, and developing expertise—usually at the expense of other critical projects. Symantec Residency
Services represent a cost-effective, platform-independent alternative. 

CyberSecOp offers three categories of Residency Services. Each provides highly qualified resident consultants who undertake essential project roles and deliver sustained onsite IT expertise.

  • Executive Residency provides seasoned leadership and enterprise IT risk management expertise to guide global operations and corporate strategy and to minimize operational disruption in the event of unexpected personnel changes.
  • Expert Residency provides consultant and project manager resources that deliver expertise for a specific technology or strategic initiative, thereby helping the client manage IT risk and bridge technical and business functions.
  • Technical Residency delivers the optimal set of skills to manage day-to-day administration, maintenance, monitoring, and basic troubleshooting of solutions so that existing staff can focus on core competencies and key initiatives.