Cyber Threats: Security Research, Threat Analysis, Security Advisories

CyberSecOp Cyber Threats, Security Research, Threat Analysis, and Security Advisories team will conduct security research, providing security insight based on detailed hands-on analysis of new, innovative, unproven or highly specialist technologies.

Our team  understand advanced attackers do not limit themselves to common and well understood technologies to achieve their goals. Critical systems often rely on technologies that may be excluded from traditional penetration testing due to their proprietary and closed nature or lack of easily available tools to analyze them. This does not stop attackers from building capability to attack these technologies. Because they may receive less attention from the security community, they can often prove to be a hidden weak link in a company’s security posture.

Constant research and development of your organisation security posture is critical to your are organization in regards to breach prevention, and incident management, our team of researchers fully analyze your current risk and threat to ensure that we know what the attacker are after, the work it the rest of the security after completing there research to close all the gaps base on the information found in the research.  we are the team you are looking for in regards to Cyber Threats, Security Research, Threat Analysis, and Security Advisories.