Cyber Security Services For Colleges and Universities

 Educational institutions are entrusted with all types of data: business, student, parent, employee, donor, card data, and more. Most records in electronic data systems and web-based applications which are accessible to the internet, they are more vulnerable to breaches. And schools are not only at risk from outside threats, but also internal users who are unaware of proper security best practices.

Phishing attack is one of the most used attack against Educational institutions, without proper education on how to deal with these type of attacks, may lead to breach of your entire organization, and leak of confidential data to the dark web, most Educational institutions have been breach whether they know it are not. 

School Cyber Threat Assessments

Threats to our schools are not only physical – they come through electronic means as well. We offer a cyber threat assessment to help you understand areas of improvement for your school.

Custom School Consulting Solutions

Every school is different, and you know your school better than anyone else. CyberSecOp is here to help you create a tailored plan that’s specific to your school’s security needs, meeting district and state requirements. Contact our team about the school security services that you require, and we’ll work with you on custom consulting solutions.

At CyberSecOp, we believe that schools should be a place of learning and growth, not a drab place where students and teachers are distracted by safety concerns. Let our trained security consulting team help you make your school safe, secure, and focused on learning.

Let CyberSecOp Consulting help your educational institution move to a secure state.

School Security Consulting Services with CyberSecOp

We cover Higher Education with the following security services: 

  • Centralized cybersecurity program management

  • Shared policy development and implementation

  • Shared-services models for efficiencies across institutions

  • Multi-institution cybersecurity service delivery

  • Virtual ISO and cybersecurity management team

  • Scalable cyber security control implementation

  • Cyber security teams for each campus

  • Conducting a properly developed security assessment to best define potential gaps in security measures.

  • Creating an action plan to correctly prioritize security hardware and equipment based on available funding.

  • Auditing your Emergency Operations Plan to ensure remediation has taken place to close identified gaps in a timely fashion.

  • Creating school-specific awareness training programs and create a baseline contingency plan that has been properly prioritized by school officials, parents and the broader school community

  • Establishing a Business Continuity Plan for all campuses.

  • Establishing practical and tabletop drills for predictable execution.

  • Initiating specialized prevention and first-responder training for school resource officers (SROs) and school security personnel

  • Security assessment of your school, or any security consulting services, contact us now.