9 Tips that may lead to successful cyber security

In view of Cyber Security Awareness Month, I thought it might be useful for executives to see an actionable list of topics to ask their techies about. Reasonable answers will build your confidence that your organization’s risk of a cyber security breach is being sensibly addressed.

The recent Equifax breach resulted in the loss of considerable personal data for an astonishing 143 million American citizens. The headlines surrounding this data breach have added cyber security to the agenda of many executives. Equifax reminds us that:

Excellent hardware and software defenses are not enough.
Operational vigilance is important but difficult to sustain over time.
Overall, the message from Equifax and prior breaches such as US Federal Office of Personnel Management and Target is that breaches cannot be prevented entirely but the risk can be substantially reduced by a variety of actions working in consort. In view of the overwhelming number of cyber security articles, websites, webinars, vendor software products and vendor services, it’s difficult for executives to sift through even a small portion of that mountain of material. Therefore, I’ve created this summary that executives can use to collaborate with their cyber security staff. The correct answers minimize the risk of a cyber security breach.