Microsoft Cyber Security Services 

Build Critical Advance Threat Protection 

Our Managed Microsoft Cyber Security Services and Solutions provides integrated monitoring with the rest of your security landscape, we provide an unparalleled coverage of cloud traffic, including on-and-off network, programmatic and user-driven, by managed and unmanaged users and devices, and retroactively and in real-time.

CyberSecOp builds and integrates security measures seamlessly with out technology partner, making up and unparallel defence against cyber criminals, that cannot be matched by other technology providers.

Microsoft Security Workshops

We meet with your to team to understand your security & compliance requirements and how these can be mapped to security controls

Microsoft Secure Foundation

Using a mixture of  best practices and our own security controls we’ll bootstrap your organization security to ensure it is protected from the outset. Even before you start running workloads

Microsoft Security & Compliance Assessment

We’ll review your existing environment against your internal security controls and Azure best practices and make recommendations for improvement

Microsoft Azure Security Architecture

We’ll take your security controls and turn them into architectural solutions based on Azure utilizing features the cloud has to offer such as DDOS protection & auto scaling

Microsoft Azure Security Automation

We’ll take your security reference architecture and embed this into your environment using automation tools such as cloud formation, beanstalk, opsworks and chef

Microsoft Azure Vulnerability Analysis

Using automated tool sets we’ll analyse your existing Azure infrastructure to ensure it is free from vulnerabilities.  If not, we’ll help you fix any issues

Cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular among enterprises looking to take advantage of the quick deployment, unprecedented scalability, and cost savings. Private cloud infrastructure, including virtualization and software-defined networking (SDN), are rapidly transforming data centers worldwide. At the same time, organizations are rapidly embracing public clouds, both migrating workloads to infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) clouds like AWS and Azure, and adopting software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications. This results in a hybrid cloud and increasingly multi-cloud environment that is truly borderless for your enterprise users, data, and applications.

Our security and compliance experts have full stack security experience and can help you build a secure Azure and AWS foundation as well as aid you in deploying and running sensitive systems in the cloud. It doesn’t matter whether you are working to achieve compliance or have a simple web application hosting critical data. We can help

Linux and UNIX Vulnerability Analysis

Given the dynamic state of data systems and technologies, securing corporate resources can be quite complex. Due to this complexity, it is often difficult to find expert resources for all of your systems. While it is possible to have personnel knowledgeable in many areas of information security at a high level, it is difficult to retain staff who are experts in more than a few subject areas. This is mainly because each subject area of information security requires constant attention and focus. Information security does not stand still.