Managed Secure Web Gateway and Response Services

Security-rich Web Gateway Management

With CyberSecOp Managed Secure Web Gateway services every second counts when you’re dealing with a suspected cyber-attack. It takes an average of 1 minute for an CyberSecOp security analyst to begin investigating suspicious activity on a client’s network. we provide around-the-clock, management by certified professionals, and advanced policy management capabilities.


  • Acceleration Web Access 
  • Application Availability Between Hybrid Data Centers
  • Intelligent DNS Scale
  • Multi-Tenancy and the F5 High Performance Services Fabric
  • VMware Horizon View Optimized Solution
  • Cloud Migration


costs with simplified, flat-pricing model and optimize the value of your security investments

Managed Security Services and Threat Detection 

  • DDoS Protection
  • Enterprise Mobile Gateway
  • Next-Generation IPS
  • Secure Web Gateway
  • SSL Everywhere
  • Web Fraud Protection
  • Access Federation


your security posture and make device configuration changes without per-device restrictions

CyberSecOP Secure Web Gateway and response services:

CyberSecOp secure web gateway solution is an advanced set of technologies working together to protect your organization in the cloud, across the web, social media, applications and mobile networks. Secure Web Gateway is available as a high performance cloud service or as an on-premise or virtual solution. Any combination of these can be used in a centrally managed hybrid deployment.

Advanced Secure Web Gateway

CyberSecOp Advanced Secure Gateway combines the functionality of the CyberSecOp secure web gateway with the intelligence of CyberSecOp Content Analysis to offer a single, powerful web security solution that delivers world-class threat protection. Advanced Secure Gateway is a scalable proxy designed to secure your web communications and accelerate your business applications. The solution’s unique proxy architecture allows it to effectively monitor, control, and secure traffic to ensure a safe web and cloud experience.

  • Control web and cloud usage with fast app performance
  • Establish negative-day threat defense
  • Implement multi-authentication realm support
  • Gain visibility into encrypted web traffic
  • Achieve easy integration with advanced threat protection