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Our security consulting team brings deep financial services experience and fresh thinking through broad knowledge of talented technology and security advisers and former banking professionals, ranging from risk and audit professionals to technology managers, and from commercial and consumer lenders to compliance executives and financial regulators.  We help organizations who lack time, people or process to evaluate their own investments in Information Security . We provide clear visibility to effectively utilize and justify your investments in security and ensure they are aligned to identified risks to your business.

Enterprise-wide Cybersecurity Program Review and Roadmapping

Standards-based, client-specific assessment that helps drive strategy, risk management, investment, and risk-transfer decisions.
Based on a proprietary synthesis of multiple standards for testing and validating security outcomes within the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework.
Measures the effectiveness of your controls through performance validation testing.
Includes a joint “Roadmapping Workshop” to develop multi-year investment and program plans, using “Cyber Value-at-Risk” modeling to analyze alternative security control investment strategies in terms of risk reduction potential.  

Cybersecurity Risk Quantification

Enables enterprise risk management through the quantification of your cybersecurity risk or exposure that provides the insight necessary to articulate your cyber risk appetite, make risk-informed investment decisions, and illuminate risk transfer needs and options.
Leverages strategic and financial company information to model your cyber operating environment and generate a dashboard view of the “Cyber Value-at-Risk” – the probability of breach, average and severe breach costs, and the top cybersecurity weaknesses.
Based on data collected from an Enterprise-wide Cybersecurity Program Assessment and additional pertinent organizational information, such as enterprise and business unit revenue and business value of significant IT assets from the CISO and CIO point of view.

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