University & School Safety: Security Consultants

 Universities and schools are entrusted with all types of data: business, student, parent, employee, donor, card data, and more. Most records in electronic data systems and web-based applications which are accessible to the internet, they are more vulnerable to breaches. Universities and schools are not only at risk from outside threats, but also internal users who are unaware of improper security best practices.

Information Security Program for Universities and Schools

CyberSecOP university and school information security consulting services can help your school evaluate the current safety standards at your school or university and make recommendations on how to improve response and recovery to an incident. We can assist you with developing crisis response plans, establishing crisis response teams, designing access control solutions, draft your school safety training protocol and table top exercises and refine communication both in and outside of the school facility.


 CyberSecOp School & University Security Program takes the stress, complexity, and hassle out of school safety, security, and emergency preparedness in your schools.

  • Develop the capabilities of staff at all levels to prevent and respond effectively to virtually any emergency in their schools.

  • Quickly identify and mitigate safety and security risks in school buildings.

  • Avoid common wasteful investments in technology that do little to improve overall safety and security in schools.

We cover schools with the following security consulting services: 

  • Universities & Schools Centralized cybersecurity program management

  • Universities & Schools Shared policy development and implementation

  • Universities & Schools Shared-services models for efficiencies across institutions

  • Universities & Schools Multi-institution cybersecurity service delivery

  • Universities & Schools Virtual ISO and cybersecurity team management

  • Universities & Schools cyber security control implementation

  • Universities & Schools Cyber security teams for each campus

CyberSecOP University & School Security Program

CyberSecOp has been supporting the security, safety and investigative needs of both state and private Universities & Schools. Our soul purpose is to provide your University or School with seasoned security professionals to manage your University or School access control and support systems that enhance the security posture with our comprehensive Universities & Schools security program.


School safety is essential to all superintendents. Making sure your school campus is safe and well-prepared for emergencies is critical. The security of the school cannot be taken lightly, that's why over 30 schools and university partner with us to for our comprehensive school safety and security consulting services.