Decrypt Ransomware - Ransomware Recovery & Data Recovery

Decrypt Ransomware - Ransomware Recovery Services

  • How to pay ransomware with bitcoin?

  • Has your business fallen victim to dharma or wallet Virus?

Cybercriminals have turned to ransomware as the latest go-to tool for attacking and extorting businesses using a wide range of variants such as Dharma, Wallet, WannaCry, Cryptowall, Samas, Locky, and TeslaCrypt. The outbreak of WannaCry was one of the largest and worst ransomware campaigns ever. Traditional signature-based antivirus and threat detection methods have proven to be woefully ineffective against such attacks.

Ransomware decryption service, we help with settlement and most of the time get the ransom reduce. Attacker could cripple your business, not having the right team to help you remediate the ransomware and communicate with the attacker to get your data decrypted can lead to permanent data loss.  

Decrypt Ransomware, Ransomware Recovery with Cybersecop

  • Ongoing scanning services – a component of a vulnerability assessment program, you can be notified when a scan comes across out-of-date or unpatched software on your system.

  • Network architecture review – a cyber engineering service that can evaluate and optimize or redesign and build your network to be more resilient to ransomware attacks.

  • Paying the ransom – if you’re compromised, do you know how to obtain Bitcoin, setup a paying server on the dark web? If your risk management process points to paying a ransom, we can assist in this effort.

  • Root cause analysis – digital forensics services can evaluate your environment to identify how your organization was compromised and provide remediation guidance or services to remove the identified vulnerability or vulnerabilities.

  • Threat hunt operations – we can evaluate your network for hidden threats – ransomware that hasn’t executed, yet – or other indicators of compromise and presence of another malware.

  • Training and awareness programs – training your staff to recognize social engineering / phishing attacks.

Ransomware Remediation, Ransomware Prevention

  • We’ll diagnose and remediate the Ransomware Incident within a few hours, in most cases. We understand how important this is to your business.

  • Our cyber experts are brilliant at restoring your files, dealing with it yourself may can cause you to lose your files permanently.

  • Pay the Ransom - Paying criminals, a ransom doesn’t guarantee you’ll get your data back. If for some reason we can't recover you data, and has to pay the ransom, we will negotiate with the hacker to reduce ransom.

  • Ransomware Incident Digital Forensics - No matter what kind of data you need to work with, the experts at CyberSecOp Data Forensics will help you recover, reconstruct, and review the data. When you need data examined by court-tested forensic experts, you need CyberSecOP Forensics.

  • Ransomware Incident E-Discovery - We bridge the communication gap between the IT department and attorneys, pre-, during and post-trial, with your goals as our driving force. If you have a matter that requires technical expertise with a get-it-done attitude, call us right now.

  • Cybersecurity - Whether hackers have just broken into your network, or you've just discovered that a trusted employee has been stealing company data, the firm you decide on to remediate the situation is critical.

  • Expert Testimony - We have testified as computer forensics experts in Federal, State, and County Courts. Our work and reporting have been upheld by the courts as admissible and valid. If your case sees its day in court, our computer forensic findings are ready to stand up to intense technical scrutiny and the most grueling cross-examinations.

Ransomware virus removal, and Threat Response Services

  • CyberSecOP Ransomware Endpoint protection that goes far beyond malware to effectively combat today’s threats. CyberSecOP Ransomware Flash Detect antivirus brings machine learning and behavioral analytics to your endpoint protection. Protect against malware, ransomware, file-less attacks, and fill the gaps left by legacy antivirus solutions.

  • CyberSecOP Ransomware protection starts blocking at the attack’s initial entrance vector (e.g. phishing) and keeps blocking across the entire attack lifecycle including exploit installation/execution and the command and control phase.

  • Security teams today are overwhelmed with alerts from ineffective products that lack any context or prioritization of attacks; so they end up missing the real threats targeting their data. Our Analytics and Reporting Cloud quickly filter through potential anomalies and only triggers alarms for the high fidelity events that warrant additional investigation.

Ransomware Remediation, Ransomware Prevention, and Threat Response Services


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