Cyber Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness & Cybersecurity Training For Employees

Your security is only as strong as your weakest link. Security Awareness Training starts with the organization's acknowledgement that their employees are the weakest cybersecurity link. Conversely, they're also the first line of defense against cyber attacks. Security Awareness Training provides every employee with a fundamental understanding that there are imminent and ongoing cyber threats, preparing enterprise employees for common cyber attacks and threats.

CyberSecOp understands that Cyber Security affects everyone that uses a computer, or any digital technology that have access to the internet, may fall victim to a cyber attack. CyberSecOp Security Awareness Courses specializes in helping employees understand the mechanisms of spam, phishing, spear-phishing, malware and social engineering and are able to apply this knowledge in their day-to-day job. Our Security Awareness training solutions effect meaningful, sustainable changes in any workforce. With CyberSecOp Security Awareness Training, employees aren’t just aware of the dangers presented by an ever-changing threat landscape: they’re empowered to protect your organization from them.

Phishing Training

Developed by the world’s leading phishing and cyber threat experts, our phishing training is designed to integrate within the other activities of your security awareness program. Our unique tiered-template methodology allow you to train learners at any level.

Cyber Security Awareness Training Program for Employees

Our Employee Security Training is comprehensive, effective, and most of all, easy to implement. Besides a full library of computer-based training, we give you the support and additional training needed to move beyond compliance and build a truly mature awareness program. Culturally relevant, global training offered in any language back by a fleet of personal resources to help you to get the most out of your training efforts.

Effective Cyber Security Awareness Training

Empower your employees with Security Awareness Training, program transforms your employees into your best defense against cyber threats:Your employees will be talking about our stories, applying their knowledge to protect themselves and your organization. Everyone will quickly fall in love with our characters and soon be looking forward to the next security awareness episode to release.

Security Awareness modules cover key training required by every employee at every level of an organization including:

  • You are the Shield

  • Social Engineering

  • Email and Phishing

  • Browsing Safely

  • Social Networks

  • Mobile Devices

  • Passwords

  • Data Security

  • Hacked

  • Conclusion/Summary

  • Data Protection and Destruction

  • Encryption

    Working Remotely

    Insider Threat

    Help Desk

    IT Staff

    Physical Security

    Senior Leadership

    Targeted Attacks

  • Cloud Services


Deliver the security awareness training your employees need when they need it most,Our programs include online training and a variety of media used to reinforce key behaviors. All content is aligned to key risks, and uses interactivity and real-life examples to ensure user engagement.

For the Essentials and Advanced offerings, choose between the full-length or microlearning courseware options.

  • Understanding security threats

  • Social engineering threats

  • Identifying and detecting malware

  • Best-practice password guidelines

  • Phishing detection and awareness

  • Data classification

  • Data storage and retention guidelines

  • Cloud computing and storage

  • Physical security

  • Mobile device protection and smartphone security

  • Social media threats

Benefit of having a Cyber Security Awareness Program: Our programs include online training and a variety of media used to reinforce key behaviors. Transform user behavior through security awareness training that’s proven to teach end users how to spot, and avoid security threats.

  • Cyber security awareness training delivers short relatable security stories to your employees. We make learning cyber security simple and fun. Launch your themed security awareness training program in minutes.

  • 95% of cyber attacks can be prevented with an effective cyber security awareness training program. CyberSecOp’s security awareness program trains your employees to defend against today's most common cyber security threats

  • Your cybersecurity awareness training program will achieve better results if you're persistent. Keep coming back to your employees: don't try to get all your training out of the way in a single onboarding class or annual refresher session that demands hours of focused attention.

  • We provide a roadmap for planning your security awareness program, stating the process with a clear and consist directetion, ensure the success of the awareness program development and improvement.

  • Our security awareness training program includes online training and a variety of media used to reinforce key behaviors and to ensure user engagement.

Effective Security Training in the Industry

CyberSecOp: The objective of an effective Security Awareness Training program is to empower employees to be proactive and aware of cybersecurity threats. We call this a Security First mindset. Security First Solutions were developed to teach users to keep security top of mind in everything they do and to make them feel empowered to be the best defense for their company’s cybersecurity risks.