Cyber Security Solutions and Consulting Services

 Infrastructure Security Monitoring and Management

CyberSecOP offers a portfolio of fixed-price security and compliance evaluation bundles that provide high value by utilizing CyberSecOp's advanced network monitoring tools plus CyberSecOp's consulting skills to create an objective and thorough assessment of your IT environment security posture.

Security Inventory Service Bundles for Small Organizations

CyberSecOp offers two ultra-affordable security inventory packages intended to allow small organizations to get a professional security assessment from an accredited security engineer. With CyberSecOp's External Security Inventory Scan, an engineer manages an extensive examination of your network from beyond your corporate firewall to determine potential risks in the security posture you expose to the public. With CyberSecOp's Internal Security Inventory Scan, a security expert runs a system scan from an authorized computer inside your firewalled perimeter to assess your vulnerability to inside attacks. These two security inventory services are configured and run from a secured offsite location. The project is administered by an engineer who has earned high-level security certifications and who produces a report that describes and interprets the information collected by the security scan and suggests various enhancements where required.

Security Vulnerability Evaluation Bundles for Large Organizations

CyberSecOp offers three levels of set-price security assessment service bundles intended for enterprises who need to meet security standards required by government or industry regulators. CyberSecOp's security evaluation service bundles offer enterprises a chance to obtain an objective assessment at the strength of their security profile. For each security evaluation bundle, CyberSecOp engineers with advanced security credentials analyze and report on collected data and offer recommendations for cost-effective improvements. All the network security audit packages include an added-cost option for onsite engineers at any location in the U.S.

Stealth Penetration Testing

Stealth penetration testing, commonly called PEN testing, is an accepted tool for helping organizations to determine how open their IT systems are to modern threats. CyberSecOp's stealth penetration testing services check how effectively your existing security procedures and technologies resist authorized but unannounced intrusion attempts managed by CyberSecOp's certified security experts using advanced hacking methods. Find out about CyberSecOp's stealth penetration testing (PEN Test) services.

Cyber Security Consulting Services