Cyber Risk Services

CyberSecOp Cyber Risk Services was designed to help business of all sizes take on toughest cyber risk management challenges so that business leaders can stay focused on what they value most – highest quality customer service, stakeholder satisfaction and financial stability.

Data Security Governance Solution. This provides management capabilities and granular controls over the complete lifecycle of data, establishing ownership, accountability and stewardship for data assets. The solution includes control frameworks, record inventory catalogs, risk mapped to data assets, policies, processes and reporting. 

Risk Management Services. a leading concern for company boards. CyberSecOP uses automated and scalable risk intelligence platforms to make compliance to policies and regulatory guidelines simpler, ensuring that executives can take confident and informed decisions. The platforms deliver a 91% reduction in the cost of governance, risk and compliance related activities.

We are experienced operators, world-class consultants and former industry and government leaders who draw upon our experience to solve problems, deliver results and create value. 

  • We have the expertise to assess an organization’s current cyber operational risk management program and the experience needed to successfully build out a cyber operational risk management framework for those looking to move to the next level with their existing risk management.

  • Our evaluations and framework are built on a methodology that considers five domains needed for a healthy, robust cyber operational risk management program:

  • Our decades of government and private sector experience include defending individuals, companies and nations against the most sophisticated cyber adversaries.

  • Our framework is guided by common organizational structures and designed to facilitate management decisions, such as which practices and capabilities to retain in-house and which to outsource.

Cyber Risk Services 

Identity Services
Identity services help companies manage the explosion of digital identities and access to critical resources, both internal and cloud-based. In this age of digital transformation, the spheres of the individual’s life―as a professional, consumer, and private citizen―are interlinked in a complex digital structure, like a piece of fabric. The growing ability to piece together a digital picture of a person’s life and identity carries both risk and opportunity.

Wherever an organization is on its journey, we can help them achieve efficiencies, reduce risk, and evolve to support the changing needs of the digital business. With 20 years of identity management experience across the major industries, we offer field-tested accelerators and methods that are scalable and adaptive to each client’s specific set of business requirements.

  • Data Protection
    Data Protection services help implement capabilities and technologies to protect sensitive data. As infrastructure and applications become more visualized and adaptive, new cyber security gaps can be created as fast as old ones have been addressed, making the prevention of data breaches more difficult than ever. By prioritizing preventative and detective defenses around highly sensitive data, security teams can help reduce data loss and risk when attackers get past network, application, and infrastructure controls.

    Leveraging these principles and an understanding of each client’s risk profile, Deloitte helps organizations design, implement, and manage capabilities to help better protect sensitive information across the end-to-end data lifecycle, and at an organization’s last line of defense.

  • Application Security 
    In the era of digital transformation, application portfolios are becoming exponentially more diverse—and support a growing community of users. As the application “surface area” expands, so does cyber risk. Amid the change, one thing remains constant: applications are the lifeline of the business—and need to be a front line of cyber defense. It’s an important time for organizations to reexamine their approaches to application security.

    Improving application security requires technical attention to individual applications, but also a broad framework across the application portfolio—from custom-developed to commercial off-the-shelf applications and whether managed on-premise, on a mobile platform, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment. It also requires the flexibility to support varying and often coexisting system methodology processes from waterfall, to agile, to DevOps in order to address application-related cyber risk at the pace of the organization’s digital evolution.

    Deloitte’s application security services help organizations to design and implement security mechanisms across the system development methodology that can flex to your operational requirements to drive value through IT while also protecting your application portfolio against the changing cyber threat landscape.

  • Infrastructure Security
    Infrastructure Security services focus on developing advanced protection of core systems and devices. Today’s critical business drivers—the need to digitally transform, modernize the supply chain, enhance customer experience, increase agility, reduce costs, etc.—are driving a major shift in technology priorities. This shift includes increasing focus on cloud adoption, the Internet of Things (IoT), hybrid computing, software-defined networks (SDN), robotic process automation (RPA), blockchain, artificial intelligence, and more. The infrastructure supporting it has become highly virtualized and automated—and the traditional means of securing infrastructure fall short.


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