Connecticut Small Business Security Consulting

Cyber Security Operations Consulting is an award winning, independent security consultancy firm providing a range of Virtual Chief Information Security Officer vCISO, Security Design, Engineering and Risk Management Services. We help organisations protect their people, premises, intellectual property and profits by identifying security threats and minimizing the risks that today's global businesses face.

Our Security Consulting Services brings many of the world’s top security professionals together for one reason: to keep you safe. Incorporating subject matter experts from virtually every sector, we have a proven track record of success in reducing hazards and mitigating risk. 

Cyber Security Connecticut

Our NJ, NY, and CT Small Business | Security Consulting Services Include:

  • Initial client interviews with a professional security consultant

  • Senior and junior staff interviews

  • Written evaluation of your existing security services and action steps for improvement

  • Full Risk assessment and analysis of your facility

  • Full recommendations and implementable objectives

  • Strategic plan for use of closed circuit camera CCTV, access control and other technology

  • Standard operating procedures for what you should receive in security services

  • Security Plans and Designs

  • Site Visits and client specific recommendations

  • Vulnerability and threat assessments

  • Crisis management plans and manager training

  • Master plans and their implementation

  • Policy and procedure development

  • Security Guard post orders and instructions

  • Emergency prep and subsequent contingency plans

  • Disaster Recovery (Who, What, When, Where, and How)

  • Investigations – Internal and incident specific

CyberSecOp is an award winning Security Partner and Small Business Specialist.